Our History & Mission

Sparrow History

Host of Sparrows Aerial Circus was founded by owner-teacher Heather Bailey in 2010 after a happy confluence of energies led her to join Rob Petres at Dogtown Dance Theatre for a May 2010 production entitled Rope. At that time, Heather had been driving to and from Maryland and Washington D.C. studying aerial arts, including aerial silks, rope, and trapeze. When Rob opened Dogtown Dance Theatre and held auditions for Rope, he needed to find artists with a passion for both dance and the unconventional—and needed dancers who were willing to climb into Dogtown’s twenty-foot-high rafters.

After Rope, Dogtown Dance Theatre seemed the perfect fit for a brand-new aerial dance and circus company; with Rob’s help and support, Heather’s dream of having her very own circus company took flight—and Host of Sparrows was born.

Heather chose the sparrow to represent her company (and her dream) because the sparrow is a common bird, but a common bird with uncommon toughness. Sparrows can fly forty-five miles per hour, survive in almost every climate on earth, and can even swim underwater! The Ancient Greeks linked the sparrow to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, and sparrows appear in Shakespeare and the Bible as symbols of divine Providence.

Like our feathered mascots, Host of Sparrows believes that everyone—no matter how “ordinary”—has the ability to do amazing things if they are given the chance to spread their wings.