At-Home Conditioning Plans

When you cannot make it to the gym, the hardest parts about staying in flying-shape are 1) knowing what to do, and 2) being accountable for doing it! Our Custom At-Home Conditioning Plans will give you both!

Plans come with descriptions of exercises (and links to online videos or images to help you with form) and plans for 3-day-a-week or 6-day-a-week conditioning based on your schedule, the equipment and things you have at home, and your body and goals!

We will create a chart (like this one) for you in Google Sheets and share it. There will also be a blank chart for you to fill in as you work out.

sample chart

Every day you work out, you fill in how many reps, how much time or distance, and at what weight you completed the tasks. Your teacher will be able to see and adjust your reps, weight, or exercises based on your feedback and success. Teachers will check in with students every day or two, either through Messenger, Google Chat, or another method to see how things are going and answer any questions students might have.

So how does it work?

First, you can purchase a one-week or two-week plan (for 3 or 6 days) through PayPal directly to Host of Sparrows. (We would love to add this to MindBody to make things easier, but MindBody is down as a result of every fitness company in the country trying to cancel services due to the pandemic. If they come back online, we might be able to add it then!)

One week, three days of workouts, $10
One week, six days of workouts, $15
Two weeks, three-days-a-week, $20
Two weeks, six-days-a-week, $30

Once you’ve paid, submit your receipt below by copy and pasting from your email, and you will be sent our questionnaire to help us create your custom at-home workout! Once the questionnaire comes in, please allow for 24 hours for your teacher to create your plan. (If you choose to renew after a week, you can just send your teacher the new receipt and things will continue smoothly.)

We hope to hear from you soon! Stay healthy and stay strong! Chirp!