Sparrow Teachers

Meet our Teachers!

Heather Silks-Barbara

Heather Bailey Teaches: Aerial Silks (Adult Levels 2 & 3; Youth [10-15]) & Lyra (Level Two)
Heather is an extensively trained and experienced instructor in aerial arts, and offers a variety of aerial classes at Studio 59 in Plant Zero. In addition to Host of Sparrows, she has taught for Airotique Aerial Arts in Virginia Beach and with SPARC and Soul Aerial in Richmond. She is also available for private booking for lessons in aerial silks, hammock, rope, lyra, and static and dance trapeze.


Kristin Bezio Teaches: Static Trapeze (all levels), Aerial Conditioning
Assistant Teaches: Aerial Silks (Level Two)
Kristin is a professor at the University of Richmond who has over a decade of training in aerial arts, and has assistant taught and taught aerial silks through Host of Sparrows and the University’s Department of Theatre and Dance. She teaches all levels of static trapeze for Host of Sparrows, and assists and substitute teaches for silks (Levels One and Two) and lyra classes (all levels).

IMG_0443Aubrey Duerksen Teaches: Kids’ (6-11) Silks
Aubrey has been practicing and performing aerial silks almost 6 years. She taught aerial silks for children of varying abilities in preparation for SPARC: Live Art shows in 2016 and 2017. Aubrey was also a recreational and competitive gymnast for a combined 12 years. Following retirement from competition, Aubrey spent 8 years teaching gymnastics and power tumbling to competitive dancers, cheerleaders, and those enjoying the sport for strength and recreation. Aubrey has extensive experience teaching ages 2-64.

56795633_10211348851436767_3554058787167928320_oChristina Peck Llames Teaches: Lyra (Level One) & Silks (Level One)
Christina is a trained level one instructor in aerial silks and lyra, and has worked with Paper Doll Militia’s teacher-training program. She has been assisting and teaching with Host of Sparrows since 2018.

Arianne Dallas Teaches: Aerial Hammock/Sling, Aerial Yoga (Level One, Mommy & Me)
Arianne is an Art, Gymnastics, and Dance Instructor for Charlottesville Parks and Rec. She has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and She wanted to elevate her practice (literally), and studied to be a certified aerial yoga teacher. She has been teaching aerial for two years. Her focus is in restorative aerial yoga for adults and athletes, kids aerial yoga classes, and mommy & me aerial yoga. She also enjoys discovering new aerial tricks. When not hanging from her hammock, she loves spending time with her 8 year old daughter. She joined Host of Sparrows in 2020.

headsteatRachel Talbert Teaches: Contortion (workshops and private lessons)
Rachel is an experienced contortion instructor and the owner of Shape Shifters Contortion LLC. She teaches contortion to adults and children with both Shape Shifters and at Host of Sparrows.

58461539_10219908169760921_9204954963686457344_oKatie Parker Assistant Teaches: Trapeze (Level One) & Kids’ Silks (6-11)
Katie has several years’ experience training and performing aerial silks, lyra, and trapeze with Host of Sparrows. She has assisted with Kids’ Silks and trapeze since 2018.

Kristin Trinh Assistant Teaches: Aerial Silks (Youth, Level Two)KristinH Silks
Kristin has been a company member of Host of Sparrows since 2013 and assistant teaches aerial silks. She has experience teaching and working with persons with special needs both on the ground and in the air, including with Host of Sparrows and SPARC.

Nicole Pisaniello Assistant Teaches Aerial Silks, Lyra (Level One), Teaches Circus Character Design
NicoleA former competitive gymnast, Nicole began her aerial circus journey in 2013.
As a Host of Sparrows company member, she performs on silks and lyra as well as designing costumes and make-up for shows. Nicole is also no stranger to theater and character performance, and she loves to combine her knowledge and skills to teach her students. 


Host of Sparrows is insured for both instruction and performance, with members experienced in aerial silks, hammock, rope, lyra, static and dance trapeze, partner acrobatics, tumbling, burlesque, modern dance, and contortion. We have members experienced in all levels of teaching and education, including child, youth, high school, college, and adult, as well as special needs. All aerial instructors are CPR certified through the American Red Cross. We offer a variety of lessons, and also work with SPARC, the School of Performing Arts in the Richmond Community.

Thank you to Dave Parrish, Barbara Shore, Joe Ring, and Philip Carr for the photographs on this page.